Why Not Choose Magnetic Eyelashes?

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Recently, many customers in the market are looking for Magnetic Eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes are a new type of eyelashes that have recently appeared. It is a liquid applied to the eyes. The liquid contains very small magnets. There will also be magnets on the eyelash bands so that they can be attracted to your eyes. But many people have allergic reactions to magnets, so please be careful.

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The purpose of wearing Mink Eyelashes is to make your eyes more beautiful and make your eyes look more beautiful, but all cosmetic makeup must be safe. If the magnet liquid applied to the eyes flows into the eyes, will it cause damage to the eyes? Human eyes are very fragile, so please protect your eyes. Mamonde Eyelash Supplier is a professional Wholesale Eyelash Supplier. We hope that all customers can have better Mink Lashes. Our goal is to provide customers with quality and safe eyelashes.

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Eyelash Box Packaging

Now the production process of ordinary 3D Mink Eyelashes is very mature. Our company’s Eyelash Glue is completely latex-free and waterproof. We have sold thousands of glues, and no customer feedback said it would cause skin irritation. Our glue is easy to carry and can print logos. The minimum order quantity is only 20 pieces. The glued eyelashes can be reused many times without harming the eyes and skin. This is a good choice.

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