Why Do More And More Beauties Choose 25MM Mink Eyelashes?

Why Do More And More Beauties Choose 25MM Mink Eyelashes?


1 What Are Mink Eyelashes?

Mink eyelashes are made of mink hair, soft, fluffy and gorgeous.
And 3D Mink Lashes are very popular and popular in the market, they can match your eyes well, lively and blend with your own eyelashes.

If you are a Professional Eyelash Supplier, you must provide your customers with the best mink eyelashes. If you are an eye makeup artist, you can’t miss your Personal Mink Eyelashes.
And today, Mamonde Lashes will show you the Siberian Mink Eyelashes,

Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors

2 Classification of Mink Eyelashes

There are many types of mink eyelashes on the market, now we will break them down for you one by one.

1. The Length Of Mink Eyelashes
We can divide eyelashes into Short Eyelashes and Long Eyelashes.

The 13-18mm eyelashes are short eyelashes, which we also call Natural Mink Lashes.
20MM Eyelashes are medium-length eyelashes and can be treated as natural eyelashes.
25mm Mink Lashes and 28mm mink eyelashes are long eyelashes, which we also call long eyelashes. 25MM Mink Eyelashes are now very popular in the market.

If you want to buy the best-selling products on the market, you can add whatsapp8615303459503 to buy immediately at a competitive wholesale price.
All styles are tested by the market, so you can sell out in a short time. They are the best mink eyelashes on the market.

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3. The Price Of Mink Eyelashes:

1. Cheap Mink Eyelashes
You may find three prices in the market. One is Cheap Eyelashes. If you wholesale loose eyelashes, it will be much cheaper than the retail price. You should not buy cheap and bad eyelashes. You can’t buy them in a short period of time. It is sold out, and the eyelashes are very poor, your customers will not buy your eyelashes anymore, you will eventually lose them.

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2. Economical Mink Eyelashes

The price is neither cheap nor expensive. First, check the quality, so if you find a good Eyelash Wholesaler with high quality, this kind of eyelashes may not be bad, most people want to buy, they do have a lot Market. So you can order in bulk.
But if they encounter top Luxury Eyelashes, they will change their minds.
So next, we will discuss with the best mink eyelashes.

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3. The Best Mink Eyelashes

So first of all, we should judge what is the best mink eyelashes on the market.
The best mink eyelashes are made of 100% Real Mink Fur. They are polished and not damaged. All mink furs are long mink fur from young minks. They are soft, long, fluffy and gorgeous.
In addition, the best mink eyelashes are safe eyelashes, and the craftsmanship is different from poor ones.
The third is the style of luxurious mink eyelashes. We can also call it the structure of eyelashes or the design of luxurious mink eyelashes. This artwork can only be done by unique designers.
Most mink eyelashes are imitations, not unique, and have not been tested in the Real Mink Eyelashes market.

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4. The Material Of Mink Eyelashes

We can divide eyelashes into three types of mink eyelashes.

1. Artificial mink false eyelashes or mink False Eyelashes
Artificial mink eyelashes are made of special materials, not real mink skin, and very similar to mink skin.
This kind of artificial mink eyelashes is much cheaper than real mink eyelashes. Most people cannot distinguish them easily. If you want to know how to distinguish them easily, you can burn it to smell it, more tips you can add whatsapp8615303459503.

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2. Real mink eyelashes and mink eyelashes

The material is real mink. Real mink eyelashes are the best eyelashes on the market, and most girls like them.
Therefore, many Mink Eyelash Vendors want to do business with luxury mink eyelashes.

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5.The Use Of Eyelashes

1Personalized eyelashes mink
Girls can apply it by themselves instead of going to the salon for eyelash grafting. Efficient, safe and simple.

2Lashes Vendor USA

Some ladies seized the opportunity and started their mink eyelashes business and became an American Wholesale Lash Vendors. If you want to become an American mink eyelash wholesaler, you can add whatsapp8615303459503 to start your eyelash business.

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6. What Are Mnk Eyelash Strips Made Of?

1. Eyelash band

The eyelash brand is made of cotton, which is soft and malleable.

2. Mink

All mink eyelashes are made of real mink hair, but some Wholesale Eyelash Vendors in the United States do not know the difference between artificial mink eyelashes.
Some wholesale eyelash suppliers will tell them that artificial mink eyelashes are real mink eyelashes.
We will teach you how to easily distinguish between false eyelashes and Real Eyelashes, you can add whatsapp8615303459503 for help.

3. Eyelash glue
These eyelash glues are glues that help you apply mink eyelashes. This kind of eyelash glue helps the eyelashes stay on the transparent tray. The less glue the mink eyelashes will be lighter.

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7.Where Can I Buy Mink Eyelashes Near Me?

Too many Mink Lashes Vendor provide wholesale mink eyelash services near me. They can ship eyelashes by global express delivery within 24 hours.For example, Misen Lashes, Miis Lashes, Biotherm lashes, etc., there are many Reliable Mink Eyelash Wholesalers on the market.You can also use Google, and Google will tell you the best mink eyelashes nearby. What you should do is to test luxury mink eyelash samples to see the quality and service.

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8. Why Do Different Mink Eyelashes Cost Differently?

1 The Production Process Is Different

If you want to do business with your eyelash supplier, this is one of the important points. Most eyelash suppliers use simple techniques to produce mink eyelashes, only a few Eyelash Factories will choose the best way to do this, wasting time and energy.
As mentioned before, most Mink Eyelash Manufacturers use chemical liquids to make 3D effects, but we use physical methods to make 3D mink eyelashes, which wastes too much time and energy.

But the eyelashes will be very different. One is harmful to your eyes and skin, and the other is a safe and healthy pairing.

Your customers will understand this one day.

2 Different Raw Materials

The best mink eyelashes The eyelashes will choose the best mink fur from the young minks. But bad eyelashes will use broken mink fur, so if you buy cheap mink eyelashes, it is easy to find broken mink fur.

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3 Different Styles And Designs

Different designers make different works of art. If the Mink Lashes Vendors has a designer, they can make any style of eyelashes for you. If the Lashes Vendors does not have a designer, they can only copy the style of others, they just copy. Style, but they cannot replicate the soul of eyelashes.
So designers and skilled workers are the soul of the Eyelash Industry.
If you are a newbie in this industry, you are not sure which eyelash factory has its own designer, if you need help we will help you, contact us whatsapp8615303459503, we will provide you with tips.

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4 Wearing Comfort

This is one of the keys to measure the quality of 25MM Mink Lashes.
The best mink eyelashes must be comfortable, soft, and weightless. Our Luxurious Eyelashes can even be worn on the bed to sleep.
But broken can cause eyelash fatigue and even eyelash disease.
So at this point, cheap eyelashes are the most expensive eyelashes.

5 Working Life

Inferior mink eyelashes can only be used once, and then they will be shed. The good ones can be reused 25+ times. If you count the cost of each time, cheap and inferior mink eyelashes will be more expensive than high-end luxury mink eyelashes.

So you should take good care of your luxurious eyelashes, wash them, clean them, they will be the same as new ones.
Never pay too much attention to quality and health. This is the direct reason why more and more girls choose Luxury Mink Lashes.


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