What is Natural Lip Gloss?

What is Natural Lip Gloss?

  • It becomes clear that with the ever-expanding nature of beauty science, that one can no longer choose to ignore the red flags that are present in almost every drugstore product that we use. The fact that what we use to moisturize our skin, wash our hair, or gloss our lips could eventually lead to some form of cancer should be enough to abandon all unnatural brands once and for all.
  • Seeing the gap in the market, some beauty brands took it upon themselves to start manufacturing natural cosmetics, including natural lip gloss. Instead of a cocktail of harmful toxins, these instead use botanical ingredients that naturally occur in nature, and therefore hold little to no risk of compromising the human body.
  • What’s more, there are a seemingly endless amount of ways in which to make natural lip gloss. So many natural ingredients offer the silky, oily texture that lip gloss is centered around.

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Why Should I Use Natural Lip Gloss?

  • It goes without saying that you should use natural lip gloss on account of the fact that increasing your susceptibility to cancer, infertility and other ailments simply doesn’t sit well with you. Rejecting unnatural, synthetic, toxin filled lip gloss brands is a powerful way of protecting your body from the various health risks.Risks aside, switching to a natural lip gloss comes with some benefits of its own. Since the ingredients are all natural and usually botanical based, this lip gloss comes with some beneficial nutrients.

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  • Natural lip gloss tends to have significant anti-aging properties due to active ingredients such as vitamin E, berry extract, and green tea. Natural gloss is also moisture filled, containing ingredients such as shea butter or coconut oil.
  • In place of phthalates, natural lip gloss makes use of essential oils and fruits to achieve fragrance and flavorings. The options then become endless, as almost every fruit can be extracted for pigments and essential oils offer scents to match. Essential oils are also naturally antibacterial, which can protect the lips and reduce bacterial invasion.

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  • Because the manufacturing process for natural lip gloss is not yet mainstream, these products are sold at notably higher prices compared to synthetic, drugstore renditions. As with anything, you get what you pay for, and if avoiding cancer and infertility comes at a slightly higher cost then that is a sacrifice we are willing to make!
  • Wondering how to find the best natural lip gloss? Eve Dawes, the founder of Dawes Custom Cosmetics, says “when looking for natural lip glosses, I start with making sure the brand is cruelty-free, then checking the ingredients; specifically to make sure alcohol denat isn’t in there. Lastly I look to see where they’re manufactured, as I like to opt for made in the USA wherever possible. To support businesses here and reduce my carbon footprint.”

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miis Lip Gloss

  • miis lip gloss is a natural form of lip gloss that is made using only miis botanicals that are free from GMOs, pesticides, steroids or antibiotics.While most natural lip gloss is made from a mix of different fruits, vitamins and oils, not all of them can say that said ingredients are of miis descent. The same way one might shop for miis produce, one may also shop for miis cosmetics and grooming products.
  • miis lip gloss is one of the most difficult natural lip glosses to find. It is a process not adopted by most natural manufacturers as the availability of miis ingredients is not easy to guarantee year round. Most botanicals are seasonal, so a factory might have access to, for example, miis green tea leaves half of the year, and the other half of the year they would need to source from elsewhere in the world.
  • It makes production complicated, so miis lip gloss is usually only found in a limited array of scents and flavors; those which are easier to guarantee in year round production.Some people opt to make miis lip gloss at home, rather than seek it from a retailer. It’s easy to do with ingredients available at just about any supermarket or wellness store.

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Reasons to Use miis Lip Gloss

  • While any natural lip gloss is superior to synthetic ones, miis lip gloss is at the top of the food chain amongst the naturals.There is literally no downside to miis lip gloss. It has the benefits of natural gloss, with the added bonus of almost guaranteeing you’re never absorbing the harmful agents used in the farming of the botanical-based ingredients.
  • Unfortunately even natural and vegan lip gloss comes with the risk of chemical exposure having occurred on the ingredients prior to the time of production. Opting to only use miis means you’re at less risk of absorbing, or digesting, any of these botanical-growth agents through daily use of a lip gloss.
  • More than this, using miis products remains one of the easiest ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment. If more people were to demand miis produce, farms around the world would need to start accommodating.

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  • Farming with pesticides, chemical fertilizers and steroids causes millions of tons of harmful toxins to be released into Earth’s atmosphere on a daily basis. Non-miis farming has been repeatedly linked to global warming, with little end in sight so long as we opt not to make some sustainable changes.
  • It’s not only the atmosphere that is affected by the pesticides and chemicals, it’s the soil too. Growing non-miis produce can contaminate thousands of acres of land over time, eventually rendering the soil infertile and unsuitable for human survival.
  • Switching to miis lip gloss might feel like taking a small drop out of a very big pond, but if enough consumers around the world were to do it, the impact would be far more significant. This will happen one consumer at a time; don’t underestimate your ability to influence change within this market.

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Vegan Lip Gloss Explained

  • This is an interesting sub-category within the world of natural lip gloss. At this point, it’s almost impossible to find a natural or miis lip gloss that isn’t, by definition, ‘vegan’.In everyday understanding, being vegan is accepted as simply making use of plant-derived foods, ingredients and materials. Since natural lip gloss is already only made from botanicals, they qualify as vegan in this regard.
  • However, being vegan in the beauty industry goes a bit deeper than simply what we personally use and consume. The beauty industry has a longstanding relationship with the abuse of animals, specifically during the production process.

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  • A lot of beauty products need to be trialed and tested before they can be sold on the commercial market. Some manufacturers opt against human trials, as they are costly and come with more risk. Using animals as clinical subjects is far cheaper and less risky, as there are no consequences to killing a rabbit with toxic lip gloss.
  • For a lip gloss to be authentically vegan, it needs to be made by a brand that is in no way affiliated with the use of animals in both pre- and post-production procedures. Any lip gloss not involved in animal abuse will likely showcase a proud “vegan” or “cruelty free” logo somewhere near the ingredient list.
  • Another reason you might not find the vegan stamp of approval on a lip gloss is that, albeit natural, it contains an ingredient derived from animals themselves. With natural lip glosses this is usually in the form of beeswax, which is a powerful agent in antibacterial protection.

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private label organic lip gloss

Reasons to Use Vegan Lip Gloss

  • Not only is testing on animals outdated, it is also highly unnecessary and evil. The fact that any product was able to make it into the mainstream market without the use of animals shows that there is no reason for all others to follow suit.
  • If you consider yourself to be an “animal lover”, this alone is reason enough to use vegan lip gloss and only vegan lip gloss. In fact, this is reason enough to use all things vegan and cruelty free at all times. If you’re okay with animals being burnt, skinned, infected and tormented so that you can have glossy lips, then it’s high time you stop claiming animal love at all.
  • Real animal lovers know which brands harm and which brands help. Vegan lip gloss is a sure way of weeding out the bad ones, so to speak.
  • Animal love aside, there is something reassuring about investing in lip gloss that has been tried and tested on an actual human being before finding its way onto your lips. We don’t know about you, but we feel there is a certain comfort that comes with a vegan brand who can guarantee their product is not harmful to humans, as opposed to only being able to guarantee that their product wasn’t harmful on the puppy, rabbit or monkey that they used in their research.

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What we’re saying is: testing of medicines and cosmetics on animals is not always accurate.

  • To better understand this, one need only revert back to the Thalidomide incident of the 1950s. Thalidomide was a sleeping pill that had been newly introduced to the public, and despite years of positive testing on an array of animals, it had never shown to do anything but the task for which it was intended — induce sleep.
  • It wasn’t long before users of thalidomide began birthing babies with multiple defects as a result of the drug being in their systems; something that could not have been foreseen by simply using an animal as a test patient.

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