How to start up your own Mink Lashes Business?

How To Start Up Your Own Mink Lashes Business?

1st, Contact me.

Please add my Whatsapp +86 15303459503,and ask for our Eyelash Catalog, choose the style you like, because each eyelash has its own number, just tell us the number of the 25mm Mink Lashes you want to buy, and we can place the order directly.

Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes

2nd. Choose Custom Box Packaging.

Regardless of whether you have your own logo and brand name, we have professional designers to for free design the logo and brand name you want, and we have a Cheap Custom Eyelash Box. You can choose the box you like, or you can choose free Pack ordinary boxes and Flash Eyelash Packaging Box Manufacturers to build your own brand.

Mink Lashes and Eyelash Tools

3rd.Confirm Quantity

Please tell us the quantity of lashes and customized packaging you ordered,we will provide you with the exact Wholesale Price and shipping cost of competitive eyelashes and customized packaging.

Mink Lash Tweezers

4th. Process Control.

We will ship within 24 hours for the delivery time, unless ordering in bulk, and the minimum quantity is 30 pieces in Customized Packing! ! ! MOQ 30 !! Build your own branded Luxury Mink Lashes business! ! !

Custom Mink Eyelash Box 

So if you want the Best Mink Lash Manufacturer And Supplier, you should choose Mamonde Lashes with low MOQ and Cheap cost to create your own High Quality Mink Lashes brand.

Wholesale Eyelashes Mink

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