How To Make A Customized Eyelash Box Packaging?

How To Make A Customized Eyelash Box Packaging?

Most wholesale eyelash suppliers will say that it is very easy to design a custom Eyelash Case.

Please give me your love and I will add it to the surface of the package. Yes, this is an easy way to make Eyelash Wrappers.

And today MAMONDE Lashes will share a professional method to make a custom Unique Eyelash Packaging step by step.

Custom Lash Boxes

First, Make Your Eyelash Logo.

If you don’t have any ideas on how to design an amazing eyelash logo,Donot worry love,

love,we have professional design team and we can FREE help you design you want logo on box and let you check after receive your order payment,and we will start produce them after you agreed design. so do not worry love.

3D Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

Second, Choose The Color Of The Eyelash Packaging.

Most Wholesale Lashes Vendor just send their eyelash packaging boxes to you, you can only choose eyelash packaging from the eyelash packaging catalog,

You cannot change anything.

So if your logo is black, you can choose red packaging or white Printed Eyelash Packaging Boxes according to other colors of your logo,

But if your eyelash supplier does not have these two colors, you can also give up. Mink eyelashes

The best way is to send your color to your Eyelash Extensions Vendors, the designer will design the accurate color for you, and they will print it for you.

It takes 5-7 working days to complete this order,

Cheap Eyelash Packaging

Third, Add The Pattern Of The Box.

You should add two modes, the first is the outside of the Cheap Eyelash Packaging and the other is the inside.

You can add any pattern you like on the surface of the box to match your logo.

Everything you want to add should match your eyelash logo. If you want to make professional eyelash packaging, this is the basic rule.

Eyelashes Packaging Box

Fourth, Choose The Shape Of The Lashes Packaging.

There are too many eyelash styling packages on the market, you should choose the one you like,

Then your eyelash supplier designer will design a sketch for you to ensure the exact effect you want to design.

Custom Mink Lash Packaging

Fifth, Add Your Slogan And Social Media Information.

Slogans can attract your customers and ensure that they can find you through your social media.

Such as website, your phone number, your Facebook or Instagram, they will promote your mink eyelash business line.

Eyelash Packaging Design

Sixth, Choose The Material Of Empty Eyelash Packaging.

There are mainly four kinds of materials on the market, and the cost of different materials is different.

The first one is the cardboard eyelash packaging.
The second is a paper eyelash box.
The third type is plastic packaging.
4. Acrylic eyelash packaging.

If you want to know more about the material, you can add our WhatsApp 86-15303459503 to get more information.


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