How To Get A Good Wholesale Price From Your Eyelashes Wholesalers?

How To Get A Good Wholesale Price From Your Eyelashes Wholesalers?

Most people order their Lashes Wholesalers to give the cheapest price when they make the first order, in fact, this will not goes.

Because if you order form Mink Lash wholesalers, you should tell them the quantity first,

and then they will give you exact wholesale price to you.

3D Faux Mink Lashes Manufacturers

If you just want to know the exact wholesale price, that will be a wrong way.

The first thing you should ask for the catalog, and make a sample order, just make sure this is what you want to order, and your customers love them.

And then ,make a bulk order, right here, so you can tell your salesman the exact order you want and the target price.

So they can calculate the cost for you, and if they can apply coupon for you, they would like the satisfy you. Why?

Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions Wholesale

The more they sold out, the more salary the salesman will get, so if they do have difficulty to give you a good wholesale price,you should change a way to get a good wholesale price.

First way, you can ask them to apply a coupon to you if you are the regular customers.

Second, you can add 3D Eyelashes and Lash Packaging in order to get a better price, the more you spend, the cheaper will be.

Third, ask some gifts from your lashes vendor, and if you are a regular customer, you can do this, and use them to promote your lashes business line.

Send all the gifts to your own regular customers, and your customer will remember you and your brand name.

Mink Lash Vendor

How many eyelash wholesalers should you cooperate with?

Well, it depends.

If your customer are different. Then you should cooperate different Mink Eyelashes Wholesalers and supply affordable False Eyelashes to your customers.

If you are focus one Luxury Mink Lashes market, you should cooperate with the best mink Lashes Suppliers and make sure each luxury mink lashes are all perfect one.

So if you purchase the bad lashes with cheap wholesale price, we suggest stop doing this,

and you will lose your customer at last, and they will choose the one who supply reasonable price but high-quality mink lashes.

So you may have two kinds of Eyelash Wholesalers in hand, and make sure they are all trustworthy lash manufacturer.


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