Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes



Custom Eyelash Packaging

Why Do You Need Custom Eyelash Packaging?

How To Design Professional Eyelash Packaging?

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Eyelash Packaging

First of all, the box can protect the eyelashes well.

Second, you can print logos and slogans on the Custom Lashes Packaging Box to increase product value and increase sales.

Third, the empty eyelash box can be used to store false eyelashes and tools, suitable for daily use.

Custom Eyelash Cellphone Packaging Box

Eyelash Packaging Box

According to the material, our Eyelash Boxes can be divided into three types:

Cardboard or Magnetic Eyelash Case

Paper Eyelash Box

Acrylic Eyelash Case

Custom Eyelash Tape Packaging Boxes LashPort Box

Custom Eyelash Packaging

First, the Lashes Box made of acrylic material has been carefully polished.Produce a smooth surface, high transparency and good hand feeling.

Secondly, it has strong pressure resistance and durability.

Third, these textured boxes are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

After these boxes are used up, you can put trinkets or small items in these empty eyelash boxes.

Custom Eyelash Money Packaging Boxes

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

There are four main types of eyelash boxes, depending on their shape:

Round Eyelash Box

Medusa Diamond Custom Eyelash Packages Wholesale

Square Eyelash Box


Rectangular Eyelash Case (Rectangular Eyelash Case is a classic best seller)

Polygonal Eyelash Box


Custom Lashwood Packaging Boxes

Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

According to the opening method, eyelash boxes can be divided into two types:

Clamshell Eyelash Box

Drawer Eyelash Box

Door Eyelash Box


Custom Eyelash Diamond Packaging Boxes

Custom Eyelash Packaging Cases Wholesale

Magnetic Rectangle Custom Lash Packaging

The regular rectangular Wholesale Eyelash Boxes is the most common style in the eyelash packaging box and is deeply loved by most customers. Some styles have windows so that you can see the eyelashes directly; some do not have windows, and the eyelashes in the box give customers a mysterious feeling.

Next is Regular Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Catalog




Pull Out Custom Eyelash Packaging Box
Pull-out box is currently the best-selling eyelash packaging style on the market. It comes in a variety of colors. If you choose the pull-out box to start your eyelash business, your eyelash business will become more high-end and high-end.

Square Pull Out Custom Eyelash Packaging
Square Pull out eyelash packaging is most popular as well,Garnier Lashes can print logo on the clear part and put social information on the back of the box. Also can put logo sticker on the tray

Diamond Eyelash Packaging Wholesale
Diamond Custom Eyelash Packaging Box like diamond,It has too many color, U can Mix any color u want. If you choose the diamond box to start your eyelash business, your eyelash business will become more high-end and high-end.

Acylic Wholesale Eyelash Packaging
Garnier Lashes As a Eyelash Box Vendors , has Clear Acylic Custom Eyelash Packaging Box,also has Colorful Acylic Custom Eyelash Packaging Box,and also have Diamond Custom Eyelash Packaging Box. U can choose any color bottom card inside it to make Lashes geogrous

Opposite Door Lash Packaging
Garnier Lashes has 8 styles Opposite Door Custom Eyelash Packaging Box, we can print ur logo on the front ,and also can print ur social information on the back of the box.

Square Cheap Custom Eyelash Boxes

Garnier Lashes not only have Rectangle Custom Eyelash Packaging Box,but also can have Square Custom Eyelash Packaging Box. Garnier Lashes also can print ur logo on the window of the front

Eyeliner Glue Pen Wholesale Custom Lash Boxes


Lash Books Wholesale Custom Eyelash Boxes


According to different materials, there are two types of eyelash boxes:

The printing paper can be directly printed on the printing paper and then covered with malt film.

Specialty paper can only be ironed on specialty paper. Specialty paper can be divided into

Tin foil eyelash box and glitter eyelash box

Custom Eyelash Door Packaging Boxes

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box

The universal eyelash case does not have a logo, but you can choose to paste your own logo. Stickers are divided into ordinary type and transparent self-adhesive tape. Transparent self-adhesive tape cannot print white characters.In order to print the label on the eyelash case, we have the following methods:

Paste stickers and print logo directly

Custom Square Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Lashes Packaging Box

You can choose any color you like for hot stamping. But hot embossing does not support gradation, only printing.

3D printing


Ultraviolet rays

We can make any crafts according to your ideas.

Custom Backwood Packaging Box

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Wholesale Mink Lashes Mirror Packaging Box

Wholesale Custom Three Pairs Eyelashes Packaging Box

Shiny Lash Packaging

Regarding custom eyelash packaging \ box \ case, we provide you with the following ways:

On the top of the eyelash case, you can write the logo, brand name.

Under the eyelash box,

You can write your own slogan and social information, including ins, facebook, website, etc.

You can also add some decorations to these eyelash boxes, such as ribbons, handles, bows, etc.

Diy Eyelash Packaging

 No Logo Or Brand Name?

Many customers don’t have their own logo at the beginning of eyelash business.Honey, if you don’t have your own logo, we have a professional team of designers who can design the logo you want on the Eyelashes Packaging Box for FREE; if you don’t have your own brand name, you can provide your name or what elements you like We can design your brand name and logo for you!

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Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes With your own logo

What’s The Moq Of Boxes?

What is the minimum order quantity? Armani lashes as the most professional Mink Eyelash Vendors, clearly tells you that the minimum order quantity of our 3D Mink Lashes Packaging is 30 pieces. If you choose lashes and boxes, the box moq can be 20, We do not follow the example of other Mink Lash Supplier in the market that the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces. We only do better for customers!

Mink Eyelashes Packaging Manufacturers

The Budget Is Not Enough?

Some customers say it’s just started eyelash business, the budget is very low, but they still want Eyelash Custom Packaging! It doesn’t matter. If you have a small budget, we recommend that you customize this Circle Acrylic Eyelash Box Wholesale. There is no minimum order quantity limit. You can order as many as you want. You can also customize the logo and paste it on the box. You can also choose the base card you want to decorate the box. It’s perfect! and we also have paper boxes package, it’s also pretty.

Cheap Eyelash Packaging Box

With continuous innovation and improvement, we have designed a new square acrylic eyelash packaging box! This new Wholesale Eyelash Case can not only print your private label on it, but also paste the logo on the cases. The prices of these two options are different, and you can decide whether to 3D print or customize the logo sticker according to your preference. In addition, you can also change the basic card you need in the box, which will make your Eyelash Packaging look more perfect, luxurious and charming!

Low Price Flash Eyelash Packaging Cases

Preview Before Payment?

Some customers said she wanted to see the design before paying! Love,You can pay a deposit and we have a team of professional designers to design logo for you and let you check after receiving your deposit payment,And you can pay balance after you agree to the design and we will start to produce them. love, I can’t create an order for you without received payment. Then the designer can’t see the design requirements on the order.  The designer will give you a preview after received your payment, and we will produce them for you after you confirmed design.

Eyelash Packaging Box Suppliers

Do You Like Custom Lash Box With My Own Photo?

Mamonde Lashes is the best choice to Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging as company provides best and premium quality Custom Lash Packaging with quality printing which is long lasting.With fast delivery, quality Eyelash Packaging Boxes and attentive after-sales service, Mamonde Lashes has won the trust and support of thousands of  Mink Eyelash entrepreneurs. We have become a well-known Eyelash Vendors in the United States and the world!

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Own Photo logo Lash Packaging Box

Those styles boxes can put your logo or brand name on the lash box production time about 5-7 workdays finished !!!!The more 138 styles custom lashes box can be custom your own photo! With well over 10 years in Lash Packaging Boxes design experience we can help you get your own brand product customized. We can design you want logo or brand name with box and let you check before start produce.

Custom Lash Own Photo logo Packaging

Look at these diamond-shaped diamond boxes. There are light pink, gold, and colorful holographic lasers. They look like rainbows, very beautiful. The shiny lines and luster look very expensive. Put the eyelashes in the box, they are beautiful and shiny. You can see that this box is very beautiful. Look at this black marbled box. Unlike the previous ones, the inside is shiny with rose gold. Very noble. When you put your eyelashes in the box, wow, the sparkling eyelashes are very beautiful. very beautiful. There are also pink marbles, which are cool and classic. And it has lines on the back, and it also shines inside the box, pink glitter. Guys, which color do you prefer?


Do You Like Custom Marble Eyelash Packaging?

Have You Ever Seen A Custom-Made Eyelash Packaging Box With Marble Pattern?

Marble is generally used in the decoration of high-end houses. Its natural texture, clean, tidy and smooth appearance, are deeply loved by people. Smart and creative designers put this beautiful design on the wholesale of  Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes. The white box is no longer monotonous, and the black box is more charming! According to the texture of different rocks in nature, people think about it, and design Eyelashes Packaging Boxes with different marble patterns such as green and red, which makes the types of  Eyelash Packaging Wholesale more colorful.

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Custom Eyelash Marble Packaging Wholesale

Do You Like This Marbled Eyelash Packaging Box?

When you print your own unique logo on the fresh and natural marbled road, the entire Lash Package will become particularly charming! As if engraving your own exclusive label on hard marble, you started your own eyelash business line. Of course, if you want to start your eyelash business line, it is not enough to only have a good-looking Eyelash Packaging Box. A charming packaging must better highlight the gorgeous eyelashes. When the eyelashes are put in the packaging box, the design inside the Customized Eyelash Box is also particularly important. Smart designers have designed gold glitter, rose gold glitter, pink glitter, etc. When you open the box, your gorgeous 16mm mink lashes/ 20mm mink lashes/25mm mink lashes will greet you, and it will attract you deeply!

Eyelash Marble Packaging Vendor

Square marbled boxes, they look very close to nature. Some people think that their lines are like smoke that people breathe out. They have a dreamlike feeling. Many of our customers like this box. You can put your logo or brand name on the box. You will see that the whole box is very beautiful. Do you like marbled boxes?

Private Label Eyelash Boxes

Do You Like Custom Cartoon Lash boxes?

Girls are love Cartoon Eyelash Packaging , we will could custom your private Cartoon Doll Custom Eyelash Boxes .today’s Eyelash Boxes are not just about protecting eyelashes, they are also a great way to promote your own Lash brand. you found us you are so lucky,because we have professival design team and we can FREE help you design that you want Lash Bratz logo or Cartoon logo for lashes. Welcome contact US for more information.

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Eyelash Cartoon logo Custom

Look at this cream-colored box. Why do I call it cream? Because it reminds me of the color of my favorite ice cream. What do you think? This pink is very sweet. If you like sweet feelings, this pink color is amazing. The box is sparkling and very shiny. If your logo is black and white or purple, it will look beautiful on it. If you like very light pink, you can choose the baby pink box, which is very elegant, elegant and concise. The surface of the box is a special kind of undulations, can you see it? There is pink glitter in the box. This makes it different from other boxes and sparkles. What do you think when putting the eyelashes in the box?

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box

Do You Like Candy Lash Packaging Box?

Many customers like to print the pattern of candy and chocolate on the box. This looks very nice and sweet.Mamonde eyelashes can design your favorite candy patterns for free, and wholesale custom eyelash packaging makes your luxurious mink eyelashes more cute and sweet. Wholesale Custom Mink Eyelashes Packaging USA waterproof materials, 3D printing, not stickers, high quality with high costs, so the minimum order quantity is 30 pieces boxes. If you need more bulk customization, you can contact whatsapp+8615303459503 to get an affordable bulk order price.

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Do You Like Customize Halloween Eyelash Packaging?

October is the peak season for the eyelash industry. Usually, we remind customers to consider the design theme of “custom Halloween lashes packaging box” in advance to save design time after placing an order.
In western countries, every October 31st, there is duHalloween, which is interpreted as “The eve of All Saints’ Day” in the dictionary.
Regarding Halloween, people have more or less perceptual awareness: know that during Halloween, many public places and even homes will be decorated with many decorations, such as all kinds of ghosts, pumpkins, and black cats. Witch’s broomsticks; children will wear Halloween costumes that are different every year, carrying a basket of pumpkin lanterns to go door to door begging for sweets, saying “trick or treak”.

Custom Christmas Day Eyelash Packaging Box Vendors

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