Can Eyelashes Be Shipped Anywhere In The World?

Can Eyelashes Be Shipped Anywhere In The World?

Some customers said, “Dear Eyelash Manufacturers from Australia, is it okay?” Others said, “Can it be shipped to the UK?” “Can it be shipped to South Africa?” There are also “Switzerland”, “Sweden”, ” The Netherlands”…Dear, although our wholesale eyelashes are mainly for the American market, we also welcome customers from other regions. Our products can be sold to any country, city and town in the world!

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Fast Shipment Time:

Because we as an outstanding Mink Lash Vendor, we have our own factory and excellent workers, have sufficient inventory, no matter how much your order is, we can arrange delivery for you in time! If only eyelashes, you can arrange delivery within 24 hours! It’s really great!

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Best After Sales Service:

We have a great service team, if you have any questions, our staff will answer for you 24 hours, give you the best help! Our staff are professional!


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