7D Siberian Mink Lashes

7D Siberian Mink Lashes

7D mink lashes

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Women are like flowers and are as delicate and beautiful as flowers. Adhering to this principle, our professional eyelash design team, inspired by the curling and patchwork of flowers, designed 7D Mink Eyelashes with more obvious curling and not easily deformed.

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In order to maintain more fluffy and curling, designers choose the 20mm length of the mink tail hair with a moderate length. The requirements for mink hair are higher. Short mink hair cannot create a curly shape because of the limited length. 25mm Mink Lashes is too long to keep the curl of eyelashes lasting. Therefore, 20mm Mink Eyelashes have become the designer’s first choice.

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Look at the styles of 7D Mink Lashes, curled up like petals, and put the flowers on the face of the Buddha girl, entrusting the designer’s blessing to every girl to be happy every day!

wholesale 7d mink lashes

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