What to do after removing the eyelashes?

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Peel Off  The Adhesive

Peel off the adhesive with tweezers. After you’ve removed any makeup from the lashes, you should remove any remaining adhesive on the band. Hold the lashes between your forefinger and thumb, and gently pull at the adhesive with a pair of tweezers to remove.If there is a thick layer of glue, you may be able to pull it off with your fingers.

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Rubbing Alcohol 

Apply rubbing alcohol to the band. To ensure that there is no bacteria on the lashes, it’s important to disinfect them before you wear them again. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol, and run it along both sides of the lash band to get rid of any bacteria and adhesive that may still be on the lashes.If any adhesive is left on the lash bands, it may irritate your eyes the next time that you wear them so it’s important to get all of it off.

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Allow the lashes to air dry. You don’t want to put your lashes away while they’re still wet or they may become damaged or moldy before your next use. Lay the lashes on a towel or piece of paper towel, and let them air dry for 15 or 20 minutes.

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Save the Eyelash Packaging that the lashes come in. To keep your lashes clean and dust-free for the next time that you wear them, it’s important to store them in a protective container. You don’t have to buy a special container, though — save the Eyelash Packaging that holds the lashes, as well as the tray with the half-moon shapes for the lashes to curl around.

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Mamonde Lashes is a professional Custom Lashes Packaging Wholesale Vendor. We have our own design team. We can design all kinds of Eyelash Packaging Boxes in your favorite shapes, colors and logos. We are 3D permanently printing, not stickers, our production time About 3-5 working days, you can receive your order soon after payment.

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Place the lashes in a cool, dark location. Once the lashes are in their packaging, it’s important to store them in the right spot. Heat and strong light can warp the lashes, so you should keep them in a cool, dark spot, such as a dresser drawer, until you want to apply them the next time.  Avoid storing your eyelashes in the bathroom, which often gets hot and humid.

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