What are the most popular eyelash styles in 2021?

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With the Christmas bell approaching, the new year is approaching. As a professional Wholesale Supplier Of Mink Eyelashes, the eyelash design team of Mamonde Lashes made a bold design based on the makeup of New York, London and Milan Fashion Week. Help the owners of our broad eyelashes business line to better grasp the market and the hearts of customers, so as to obtain greater profits in the new year.

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Natural Style Mink Eyelashes
Natural style eyelashes have always been favored by most consumers, because luxurious thin eyelashes look the same as their own eyelashes when worn, suitable for many occasions and all people, making makeup more natural, easy to create nude makeup effect, and enlarge eyes , Healthier, more airy, very popular with the upper class.

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Sharp mink eyelashes
The sharp Mink Eyelashes are a classic style, which is very consistent with the 60s theme on the catwalk. Because some extra-long False Lashes are added to the center and outer corners of the eyes, it is also very effective for enlarging the eyes, giving a sweet baby eye effect. I can see that many large eyelash sellers are selling them.

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Super curled mink eyelashes
Eyelash curling has a variety of curvatures, ranging from A to E. With the liberation of women’s personality and the improvement of freedom in the pursuit of beauty, I-shaped and U-shaped super curled eyelashes began to appear. Now the trend of customers is more and more like high curl eyelashes, so the trend of high curl eyelashes in the future is also a good choice. Mamonde Lashes eyelash designer designed the new 7D Mink Eyelashes according to the characteristics of women’s requirements for beauty. The shape is like a flower bud. The designer hopes that the girls wear eyelashes happy like flowers.

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Thick eyelash style

The thick eyelash style has always looked special, even more dramatic. It seems that a butterfly is falling on your eyes. When you blink, your eyelashes are like a butterfly flapping its wings gently on your eyes, which is very dramatic. Now, you can see a lot of very thick eyelash styles on Tik Tok:@MamondeLashes. Of course, this is just entertainment, more suitable for festivals and parties. But I have to deny that there are still many girls who love the dense Mink Lash style very much.

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Our designers have designed many new popular eyelash styles based on these trends. If you are also interested in these eyelash styles, please contact us.

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