How to remove eyelashes correctly?

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MamondeLashes is Most professional Eyelashes Wholesale Supplier with many experiences and professional service about eyelashes. Today will you teach how to remove eyelashes,  When you’re ready to remove your lashes, wet a cotton swab or pad with an eye makeup remover. Gently run the swab over the lash band where it’s attached to your eyelid to help loosen the adhesive. It’s best to use an oil-free eye makeup remover because oils can leave behind residue that makes it difficult for lash adhesive to stick to the lashes the next time you use them.

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Run a cotton swab with eye makeup remove across the lash band on your lid. Peel up the lash from the outer corner. Hold the lash firmly between two fingers and use the opposite hand to gently peel the adhesive off the band. Make sure to peel up from the outer corner of the lashes where they tend to come loose most easily.

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Use the pads of your fingers to peel off the lashes. Don’t use tweezers or your fingernails because they can rip the lashes or stretch out the band.Pull the lash slowly to the inner corner to remove. Once you have the outer corner free, pull the lash off toward the inner corner.

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Remove 3d Mink Eyelashes Correctly

Make sure to work slowly and carefully, so you don’t stretch the band or warp the lashes.If there are any areas where the lashes are still stuck, take a fresh cotton swab and wet it with eye makeup remover so you can run it over the spot before continuing to pull on the lash.


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Wipe the lash band with a cotton pad and eye makeup remover. When you’ve removed the lashes from your eyes, wet a cotton pad with eye makeup remover. Run the pad over the entire lash band to remove any eyeliner or mascara that may be on the lashes.


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Clean both sides of the lash band to ensure that you remove all of the makeup residue.If you’re using synthetic eyelashes, you can actually soak them in a little bit of eye makeup remover to help get rid of any makeup or other residues. Don’t soak mink or other natural false lashes, though, or you’ll damage them.

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