How To Apply False Eyelashes In 7 Simple Steps?

Not all of us are blessed with beautiful lashes 😇
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How to Apply False Eyelashes in 7 Simple Steps:
🔹1. Curl Natural Baby Lash,Let your baby lashes have an upward arc so that it fits closely with the false eyelashes, apply Mascara and eyeliner

🔹2. Remove Lash Strip from the lash tray by tweezers carefully

🔹3. Measure length of Lash Strips, get it little bit shorter than eyelid and cut excess

🔹4. Holding Lash strip with tweezers apply glue. Allow to Dry for 30-40secs (important)

🔹5. Hold lash strip at the center with tweezers and apply to eyelid. First at center then outer and inner part of lash. Make sure it is centered. If not Start again. Otherwise it looks unbalanced.

🔹6. With fingertips push Natural and Lash strip together.

🔹7. Apply another coat of Mascara and eyeliner for that flawless look.

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