How The Mink Lashes Grow Longer And Longer?

Many people think that the human hair will “sharpen thicker, or cut more longer.” Therefore, some beautiful women often trim eyelashes, looking forward to cut longer eyelashes longer. Does this approach work?

1, The length of the eyelashes, curling mainly associated with innate genes, the longer the eyelash cut more is the illusion.

The length of the eyelashes, curling mainly associated with innate genes, with the method of cutting eyelashes is no effect. How did this illusion come about? Because trimmed hair is very irregular cross-section, appears rough, when the rough hair grow concentrated, it appears longer and more dense.

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2, Artificial pruning will destroy the law of growth and metabolism of eyelashes.

From the physiological point of view, the eyelashes and hair are not the same, the life of the hair is generally 3 to 6 years, the longest up to 20 years, but the life of the eyelashes only 5,6 months, to a certain extent, stop And gradually aging off, replaced by the newly growing eyelashes. In terms of each eyelash shape, it is never deformed, artificial pruning, not only will not make eyelashes longer, but will undermine its original growth and metabolism.

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Many people get up early in the morning will be rubbed his eyes rubbing his eyes, and occasionally a few eyelashes will fall off to the palm of your hand. The number of eyelashes has been less, and then fall off, will not become more and more scarce?

In fact, with all the eyelashes, like hair, naturally fall through the body’s metabolism will be re-grown. Hair replacement is regular and periodic. Its life cycle is divided into growing period, rest period. So the hair will always fall off, then grow new. As long as the hair roots are not destroyed, will continue to grow new hair.

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4, Short and thin eyelashes reasons.

(1) Genetic factors.

(2) Grafting, planting eyelashes easily lead to eyelashes off.

(3) Poor quality mascara lead to eyelashes shedding scarce.

(4) Stay up all night with the eye lead to eyelash problem.

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5, Vitamin E has not been proven to promote eyelash growth.

The purpose of increasing eyelashes through food? There is not enough research and data to show which type of food and intake can effectively promote the growth of eyelashes. From the traditional Chinese medicine point of view, some food can promote hair growth, such as walnuts, sesame seeds, yams, Radix, black fungus and so on. Although there is no data support, but this kind of food to take more will also play a moisturizing effect on the skin, so eat is also useful.

There are users on the network tried to apply vitamin E on the lashes to promote eyelash growth, but the effect is not particularly obvious.  Skin care experts said that if the application of vitamin E can promote eyelash growth, then in theory the intake of vitamin E-rich nuts should also be able to promote hair growth, but there is a lack of research data.

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6.Eyelash makeup to create a charming electric eye.

Mascara is the best way to increase lashes, but also enlarge the eyes of the little secret. Mascara brush head horizontal and vertical alternating smear eyelash makeup is the key. Horizontal brush when the liquid can be fully attached to the lashes, and increase the effect of curling, pay attention to the root of the lashes smear and important Oh! Vertical brush can be extended when the length of lashes, even the short little lashes to be applied to.

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