Do You Like These Eyelash Sets?

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Custom Eyelashes Boxes Set

Girls always want to have a variety of beautiful Mink Eyelashes, but because the suppliers have minimum order quantities, MamondeLases designed a packaging box that can combine different styles of eyelashes according to the needs of girls. With the minimum order quantity, it can be very Order them easily.

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Custom Lashes Packaging Boxes Set

The first set of eyelashes is a big box, which is a holographic Eyelash Packaging with ribbon. You can have 3 pairs of different eyelashes and a pair of tweezers, a beautiful eyelash brush and the best glue. Our big box can print and design your own exclusive logo, which is very beautiful.

Customized Boxes Set Wholesale

The second group of eyelashes can also have three pairs of eyelashes and a pair of tweezers. This set of boxes is relatively small. It has its own unique carton and can also print a logo on the box. In this group, we have many styles to choose from.

wholesale eyelash packaging box

Custom 3 Pairs Lashes Packaging

If you want to test the market but don’t know what style your customers like, you can choose this kit to test your market with a small budget. In this way, it can also cover various eyelash styles that customers like.

custom eyelash boxes manufacturer

Private Label Packaging For Eyelashes

If the customer wants to choose a combination of multiple mink eyelashes instead of a single mink eyelash. This set of products includes eyelashes and box, eyelash glue, eyelash applicator and brush. If your customers want to buy eyelash sets, please don’t miss this opportunity!

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Eyelash Packaging Boxes Factory

You can choose any style of any length. If you like ordinary eyelashes, you can choose them. If you like 16-25mm Mink Lashes, you can also choose! If you cooperate with Mamonde Lashes, you will know the quality of our luxurious mink false eyelashes, and you will not miss it!

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Custom Made Eyelash Box

We provide special labels, you can send us your logo, brand name and information, we will arrange the effect of the logo on the packaging box for you, and print the product after confirming the design. Customers, we will provide you with design services for free.

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