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MamondeLashes is a professional manufacturer of high-quality Mink Eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging. We provide various styles of eyelashes for women who love beauty, such as 16-25mm mink eyelashes, natural style, dramatic style, etc. which can meet the needs of different women for different occasions and daily lives. Our quality is the best, they can be cleaned and reused 20-25 times. In order to make it easier for customers to choose between a wide range of styles, we have matched different styles and lengths of mink eyelashes in a packaging box to provide convenience for women who choose to fear, and to meet all their needs as much as possible.

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The careful designer designed 3 lash pallet, with different colors and designs in order to facilitate women’s daily use and wearing of eyelashes. There are 3 lash pallet with windows and without windows. In this way, your customers have more choices with you, and they can try differently, so they will come back to you again to buy, which will increase your sales invisibly, and you can make more money. Our 3 lash pallet is also equipped with tweezers, so that you can pack them and sell them to your customers, which will make your customers feel that you are very careful.

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Of course, the price of 3 lash pallet is much higher than a pair of eyelash boxes, which is accepted by customers, because there are more eyelashes in it, and the price is easily recognized by customers, eliminating the need for you to negotiate with customers Add troubles. You can also freely match the styles of mink eyelashes that you think are beautiful to make your box look more perfect. According to your customers’ buying habits and consumption habits, it is more conducive to you to get more followers and make more money.

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