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Mamonde eyelashes are artificial eyelashes used to beautify the eyes. Generally, the eyelashes are lengthened and thickened to make the eyes look larger, brighter, fuller, and more energetic. False eyelashes have a long history. The records of false eyelashes can be found in ancient Egyptian and Roman literature as early as 2000 BC. The materials used to make false eyelashes include plastic, cotton, feathers and other materials. As the false eyelashes made of different materials are used, the effects (such as exaggerated stage effects) are different.

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The design of Mink Eyelashes demonstrates the art, the eyelashes  inflame the genie-like temperament, specially designed to be transparent, the color of the colored eyelashes is completely shot on the face. Many fashionable ladies like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes, the correct use will make their eyes beautiful. It can be used to beautify the eyes in daily life, make the eyes beautiful, and can also be used to create various stage effects.

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According to the curvature and length of the eye, trim off the eyelashes that are too long at the end of the false eyelashes; apply a proper amount of Eyelash Glue evenly to the roots, and let it stand for 20 seconds to let the eyelash glue exert maximum viscosity; follow the roots of the eyelashes in order Gently press the inner part of the eyes and the end of the eyes to fit the real eyelashes, adjust the eye shape with tweezers before the eyelash glue is completely dry, and then determine the position; use the eyelash curler to gently clamp the real and false eyelashes together, and not too much force , The separation of the real and false eyelashes will weaken the eye look; use the slim type to apply mascara to closely fit the real and false eyelashes; use eyeliner to fill the gap between the real and false eyelashes, and then adjust the eye shape completely.

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Selection skills
Generally speaking, choose False Eyelashes according to different makeup effects you want to achieve, or choose according to your own eye shape. For example, if you want to make your eyes round, choose the middle-length false eyelashes; for innocent makeup or feminine eye makeup, you can choose extended-end false eyelashes; daily lighter makeup should choose natural, not too thick. The stalk of false eyelashes should not be too hard or too soft. It is best to stick to a moderate degree and is most suitable for new born. If you are shopping online, you must first consult the firmness of the stem. Generally, the best-selling styles with good quality and reputation are very comfortable to use.

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1. After using the false eyelashes, put them back into the Custom Lash Packaging Box according to the left and right eyes (the head of the eye is short and the tail is long).
2. There is glue on the used false eyelashes, you can borrow some of its stickiness and stick it back to the eyelash box, and then remove the glue next time you use it.
3. If there is glue on the eyelashes, use a cotton swab to moisten it with water and gently pull it off. Please be careful not to use excessive force.
4. Since this product is made of 100% natural mink hair, which can be washed and used repeatedly 15-20 times.

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