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How To Choose The Type Of Eyelashes Brush

Mascara needs patience, the following complicated steps to prove enough: eyes down, first brush on the eyelashes, and then, line of sight up, and then from the bottom of the eyelash brush to brush up to produce the effect of bending; on the Eyelashes Mascara Semi-dry, with an eyelash brush to brush again, under the eyelash will have to follow the end of the eye to the direction of the eye, eyebrow brush reciprocating brush several times; if you want to create a radial feeling, then the upper and lower eyelashes heavy brush again. Finally with eyelashes comb, the eyelashes will be combed together, finishing eyelashes.

A good mascara to a brush on the non-caking. One of the materials used to make mascara is wax, one of which is a solvent-dissolved color material. Whether it is water or oily mascara, mascara are the use of the density and moisture will be fixed eyelashes, the choice of criteria should be: pull out the brush, the mascara properly attached to the brush on; use can Fix the curvature of the eyelashes, but not the eyelashes.

There are four basic mascara brush head, respectively, for different types of crush

◆ Long Straight Spiral: Also slender and dense.

This is the most common type of brush head, long spiral brush head allows mascara fibers evenly attached to the top, and smooth adhesion to the eyelashes。

◆ curved spiral: Curl degree more durable

Brush mascara, eyelash curler curved parts to be up, brushing from the roots, the eyelashes will be pulled up, shaping curling does not sag, curling degree longer lasting charm.

◆ fine comb-shaped: make thick eyelashes thickening

Mascara can be fully attached to the comb groove, brush once can make eyelashes thicker, thickening, but also has a clear rooted effect.

◆ stick shape: for no eyelashes beauty

Replace the brush head directly with the fiber, easy to brush the root of the eyelashes but will not be infected with the eyelids, eyelashes ultra-short without eyelashes beauty is most suitable for use.

Warped Mascara, for hard or straight eyelashes more suitable for users who do not need to use curlers can be lasting curling;

Transparent mascara, lashes to maintain the volume and flexibility, there will be no dyeing problems, suitable for natural make-up people;

Color mascara is a good choice for beginners make-up, easy to stain on the eyelids, you can wait until after the dry cotton swabs;

Increased mascara, make the lashes look longer and more dense, but easier to tangle lashes, it is recommended that the lashes should be used occasionally, or other occasions;

Waterproof mascara brush is generally sparse type and spiral type, generally used when swimming, it should be noted that waterproof mascara smear too long it is difficult to clean.

1, Choose mascara, should choose properly. To understand the ingredients it contains, some mascara can help lashes reconstruct their own regeneration, so that lashes health; may also be some mascara due to improper quality, often make lashes stick together, very unnatural.

2, The pros and cons of the brush also have a great influence. The curling lashes is a gimmick mascara on the market. The bristles used are composed of two different diameters of fibers, so that the mascara can evenly spread. Longer fiber diameter, can be seen as the tip of lashes, brush full effect.

3, The mirror on the bottom, field of vision down, eyelash brush from the upper eyelid to the edge of the eyelash edge by side coating. And then pick up the upper lashes pick up, eyelash brush to ground rotation. This part of the oil can not be too much; painted to be extremely thin, or curly lashes will be restored to its original shape, easy to stick Dingfen powder, looks like white hair. When applying under the lashes, the mirror should be put higher, the eyes look up, the nose lengthens down, the skin on the face is flat. This oil will not rub to the face. Eyelash brush erected, so toggle around the lashes, and then along the lashes smear.  Mascara is still young and ignorant before, do not move your eyelids, so stick in the skin. If the oil is too much, the lashes have been adhesion, can be used without mascara eyelash brush or a smaller eyebrow grooming until each lashes dyed.


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How The lashes Grow Longer And Longer?

Many people think that the human hair will “sharpen thicker, or cut more longer.” Therefore, some beautiful women often trim eyelashes, looking forward to cut longer eyelashes longer. Does this approach work?

1, The length of the eyelashes, curling mainly associated with innate genes, the longer the eyelash cut more is the illusion.

The length of the eyelashes, curling mainly associated with innate genes, with the method of cutting eyelashes is no effect. How did this illusion come about? Because trimmed hair is very irregular cross-section, appears rough, when the rough hair grow concentrated, it appears longer and more dense.

2, Artificial pruning will destroy the law of growth and metabolism of eyelashes.

From the physiological point of view, the eyelashes and hair are not the same, the life of the hair is generally 3 to 6 years, the longest up to 20 years, but the life of the eyelashes only 5,6 months, to a certain extent, stop And gradually aging off, replaced by the newly growing eyelashes. In terms of each eyelash shape, it is never deformed, artificial pruning, not only will not make eyelashes longer, but will undermine its original growth and metabolism.

3, Eyelashes often fall off, will not fall out?

Many people get up early in the morning will be rubbed his eyes rubbing his eyes, and occasionally a few eyelashes will fall off to the palm of your hand. The number of eyelashes has been less, and then fall off, will not become more and more scarce?

In fact, with all the eyelashes, like hair, naturally fall through the body’s metabolism will be re-grown. Hair replacement is regular and periodic. Its life cycle is divided into growing period, rest period. So the hair will always fall off, then grow new. As long as the hair roots are not destroyed, will continue to grow new hair.

4, Short and thin eyelashes reasons.

(1) Genetic factors.

(2) Grafting, planting eyelashes easily lead to eyelashes off.

(3) Poor quality mascara lead to eyelashes shedding scarce.

(4) Stay up all night with the eye lead to eyelash problem.

5, Vitamin E has not b    

een proven to promote eyelash growth.

The purpose of increasing eyelashes through food? There is not enough research and data to show which type of food and intake can effectively promote the growth of eyelashes. From the traditional Chinese medicine point of view, some food can promote hair growth, such as walnuts, sesame seeds, yams, Radix, black fungus and so on. Although there is no data support, but this kind of food to take more will also play a moisturizing effect on the skin, so eat is also useful.

There are users on the network tried to apply vitamin E on the lashes to promote eyelash growth, but the effect is not particularly obvious.  Skin care experts said that if the application of vitamin E can promote eyelash growth, then in theory the intake of vitamin E-rich nuts should also be able to promote hair growth, but there is a lack of research data.

6.Eyelash makeup to create a charming electric eye.

Mascara is the best way to increase lashes, but also enlarge the eyes of the little secret. Mascara brush head horizontal and vertical alternating smear eyelash makeup is the key. Horizontal brush when the liquid can be fully attached to the lashes, and increase the effect of curling, pay attention to the root of the lashes smear and important Oh! Vertical brush can be extended when the length of lashes, even the short little lashes to be applied to.

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How To Brush Eyelashes Correctly

STEP 1: Eyelash curler.

Eyelash curler must first Alice, but also to make it a beautiful arc was good-looking Oh, so when the folder lashes must be hard at the roots of lashes.

Eyelash curler will be fixed at the root of lashes after the position, and then gently bent up, pay attention to the elbow to lift up the appropriate force, so the effect will be better, but closer to the front edge of the eyelash force will have to light Oh.

STEP 2: Adjust the eyelash angle.

With a small eyelash curler, properly adjust the curvature of the eyelash, especially in the eyes and eyes at both ends, do not forget Oh.

STEP 3: Eyelashes stereotypes.

First electric lashes curler preheated, and other folder eyelash, it will be placed in the root of the eyelash as well as the middle, as long as two to three seconds to stay on the line, which allows your eyelash more curly and make it more curvature lasting.

STEP 4: Upper eyelash primer.

Only need to thinly coated with eyelash primer or eyelash lashes to protect the function of the eyelash, the purpose is to make eyelash in the makeup process to minimize the extent of damage.

STEP 5: Brush eyelashes.

First, look down the eyes, try to expose the roots of eyelash, eyelash and then brush the first eyelash roots, and maintain two to three seconds.

Then pull the eyelash tail, to make small adjustments while the mascara is not dry, until satisfied, and brush the eyelash more densely.

STEP 6: Emphasis on the end of the eye.

The method is before the mascara has not dried, focusing on brushing the end of eye lashes, to use a radial manner to brush, emphasizing the role of eye lashes is to make the eyes look bigger.

STEP 7: Grooming eyelashes.

This is simple, as long as the eyelash can be combed comb, lashes can make a clear root.

STEP 8: Brush your eyelashes.

Brush eyelashes must be carefully Oh, try to be a little lighter hands, the skill is gently jiggle and move the mascara brush, you can brush out the long and thick under the eyelashes came.

If you have no experience brushing eyelashes, may wish to buy cotton swabs or cotton pad to cover the brush, so that you can avoid mistakes.

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How To Clean 3D Mink Lashes So They Stay As Good As New?

Even the best fake eyelashes aren’t that expensive as far as beauty must haves go but if you have to keep replacing them, it adds up. Fast. Which is why one of the most useful things you can learn is how to clean false lashes so they stay looking and feeling as good as new.

Especially for delicate 3D Mink Lashes with thin bands, the last thing you want to do is go pulling them off your lids. This is not only really bad for the 3D Mink Lashes, but also harmful for your real ones since they can get ripped out in the process.

Some of the best eyelash glues are gentle enough to come off with a slight tug but many are strong and stubborn. For these, don’t attempt to pull them off without the help of an eye makeup remover.

Instead, soak a Q-tip with a gentle, oil-free eye makeup remover . Afterwards, use the pads of your fingers – no nails, no tweezers and certainly not an eyelash curler – to gently remove the falsies from your eyes.

Now that the falsies are off your eyes, let’s get the glue off the falsies! The dried-up glue is gross enough on its own but left on the false lashes, it can totally ruin the bands or make it difficult to re-wear the lashes。

If you used a ‘tacky’ sort of eyelash glue, you might be able to simply pull the glue residue off your lashes with your nails or a tweezer. Simply pull at the glue until it peels off and there’s no remaining residue on the band of the false lashes.

With the other hand, pull at the glue until it begins to come away. Some glues peel off in a long string and others come off in clumps–either way, keep at it until it’s all gone and you can see the band of the lashes again.

If you used a harder, ‘superglue’ type of glue – these are stronger, more stubborn and can be harder to remove since they won’t simply peel off the band. Do yourself a favor and get an adhesive remover specifically geared for false eyelash glue, like Revlon’s Eye Lash Adhesive Remover. Just keep in mind you do NOT want to use this to take falsies off your eye, you want to use it to take the glue off the falsies!

Wipe all trace of makeup

All sorts of stuff can get on the false lashes you wore all day (and/or night). There’s the extra layer of mascara you added for extra volume, the liquid eyeliner you used to hide the band, little flecks of the eye shadow you dusted on your lids…you get the idea.

Tuck it away until next time

Nothing ruins a pair of false lashes faster than rolling around in your makeup drawer amidst old bottles of mascara and lipstick. So the last step is to make sure you store your false lashes properly.

That involves putting them back in the little home they came in. Simply fix them back into the half-moon tray, arranging the lashes to fit the curve so the band stays in the shape it came in and will be easy to fix right back onto the natural curve of your eyes.

Finally, close the plastic container to keep out dust. Voila! You’re done and you’ll have perfectly pristine falsies that are as good as new the next time you need them!

Note: In case you lost or hastily tossed the case your 3D Mink Lashes came in, you can get reusable ones online – there’s a lot of variety in terms of style and pretty much all of them accommodate multiple pairs of falsies and snap securely shut. A worthwhile investment for regular false lash wearers!


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How To Apply Eyelashes?


If you are using false eyelashes that are connected by a strip, you will want to make sure you trim the ends to fit your eye shape. false eyelashes typically come in one size, so before you glue them down, lay the fake eyelashes along your lash line. Make sure that they are not lying too close to your inner corner and trim whatever is poking out past your eye. The important thing is to always trim your lashes from the outer corner.


Now comes the tricky part: gluing those suckers down. Usually, there will already be a semi–sticky base to the false eyelashes. This is there so they will stick to packaging, but it’s not strong enough to stick to your eyes.

Take your chosen lash glue and apply to the outer part of the strip. This can be done two ways brushing on with the application the glue comes with or squeezing the glue out on the back of your hand and gently sweeping the outer part along it. Allow it to dry to the point where the glue is tacky; if you apply while the glue is fresh, you risk making a mess on your eyelids.


  Place your lash strip on your eyelid and try to get it as close as possible to your natural lash line. Definitely do not place the false eyelashes on your actual lashes because you will risk tearing out a few of your own. If you have trouble placing the eyelashes by hand, try using a pair of tweezers or an eyelash applicator. Now allow the glue to dry fully on your eyes, but no need to press down and hold them.


If you want to reuse them a few times, try to avoid using mascara to blend them with your natural lashes. Instead, comb through them with a clean spooly brush and apply some liquid liner to blend them on your upper lids. Not using mascara directly on your false eyelashes will ensure them a long life.

Before applying single lashes, make sure you set aside some time. Depending on how many bunches you are adding on, this could take up to an hour or two. Because you will be applying more than a few, add a small amount of glue to a clean area, a sandwich bag or a piece aluminum foil will do, and lightly dip the semi–sticky ends, allow to get tacky, then apply where you would like them. The great thing about these lashes is you can apply as little or as many as you want. Reusing them might be a little difficult, but the end result mimics that of eyelash extensions.