Are Your Mink Eyelashes Environmentally Friendly?

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Mamonder Lashes and many animal conservation and environmentalists follow the same philosophy. Our business philosophy is to provide the best products, not on the premise of damaging and destroying animals or the environment. Therefore, all the Wholesale Mink Eyelashes we provide are cruelty-free.

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Our wholesale real Mink Eyelashes are cruel and free from our mink hair from 40-year-old adult mink, we have been taking care of them and let them grow healthily, we will provide abundant food to make their hair grow better, these Mink hair is the mink hair that naturally sheds due to growth and is very valuable and not cruel. We only need the fur of the mink, instead of killing the mink for the mink. We hope that the mink can live a good life. If you buy mink clothes, the mink will be killed. If you buy mink flagella to make your own mink, the mink will have a good life. We all hope that animals and humans are harmonious and happy.

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love,our eyelashes are cruelty-free. during the shedding season of mink for artificial breeding, we began to collect a lot of hair that naturally fell off from the tail of the mink, because only the hair at the tail of the mink is suitable for making high-quality Mink Lashes, it will be more soft, without losing the hardness required for curling.

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Our corporate philosophy is based on environmental protection. The Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes we provide to our customers have undergone several sterilization treatments to ensure high-quality Wholesale Mink Eyelash. In addition, environmental protection and health are the prerequisites, therefore, they have been well received by many customers, please contact us and get the best wholesale price mink eyelashes, start eyelash line.

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