Eyelashes Wholesale Vendor 3D mink lashes 

MAMONDE Lashes are most professional great quality mink lashes and custom eyeylashes packaging manufacturer from China, Our company supplies the top 5 brands in USA market. We have our own factory. We are the best supplier of mink strip eyelashes

we have more than 20 years of production and sales of mink lashes

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Great Quality Mink Lashes

MAMONDE Lashes is best Eyelashes Wholesale Vendor and export of 16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 22mm mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes. as a well-know mink eyelashes vendor in US, We have our own design team and technicians to design different lengths and styles of eyelashes to meet the needs of different customers.

As the best mink eyelash is durable and can reusable 15-25 times. We serve thousands of customers around the world, hope that the pretty and luxurious Mink Eyelashes we produce will give every consumer a good day!! 

   25mm Mink Lashes Catalog

25mm mink lashes


   22mm Mink Lashes Catalog

22mm mink lashes


   20mm Mink Lashes Catalog

20mm mink lashes


   16mm Mink Lashes Catalog

16mm mink lashes


Custom Eyelashes Packaging Boxes

We have professional design team and we can FREE help you design you want  Lashes Packaging Boxes with logo. We have more than1000 different lashes packaging boxes. They are different colors and shapes.

We have diamond box, clamshell box, drawer box, door box and so on. We also have Hot stmping golden box, Hot stamping holographic box, marble box, dripping box and so on.Mamonde Lashes can custom you want the eyelash packaging boxes, the minimum order quantity is only 30 PCS   

Click Here More Styles👉👉👉custom mamonde Lashes packaging 


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Square Clear Cases

customize your own eyelash box                                                       
Eyelash Packaging Boxes
custom eyelash packaging
Diamond Eyelashes Packaging Boxes
custom eyelash packaging

Lashes Wood Packaging Boxes

Cellphone Lashes Packaging Drawer Boxes

Hot Stamping Golden Eyelash Packaging Box

 FREE Design Logo 

CLICK HERE,You will get More LOGO👉👉👉EYE Design Logo

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Custom Mink Lashes Tweezers 

 custom lashes tweezers wholesale vendor

Click here 👉👉👉 Lashes Tweezers Cataloge

Eyelash tweezers, used for holding the eyelashes, is made of metal Material . It is greatly helpful when you stick the glue on the band of the lashes and wear the mink eyelashes on the eyes. Our Lash Tweezers can be customized with own brand logo, custom service is supplied. We have professional designers to deal with private label process and experienced workers to print on the applicators. Custom service available with low MOQ.

Custom Mink Lashes Glue

Click here 👉👉👉 Lashes glue cataloge

Our Wholesale Eyelash Glue ,Non-toxic non-allergic non-irritant, through the MSDS, SGS testing, the European skin test, Animal bioassay. Export Global reached the standard. No smell, Fast dry and protect your eyes . 

Some replication

1. Can I Order Sample Pack First Before The Big Order?

Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

We wholesale mink lashes, you Click here👉👉👉 Choose the sample pack You like. Or you can collext  yourself sample pack contact me 👉👉👉WhatsApp:+8615303459503 for the price.


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2. Do You Provide Free Samples?

We are professional great quality of mink lashes manufacturer, we do not produce the lowest quality price lashes,there are high produce costs,so we do not supply free lashes,hope you can understand.

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3. Do You Have Any MOQ Limit For  Mink Eyelashes?

Low MOQ, A Pair for sample checking is available

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mink eyelash vendors

4.Are Your Eyelashes Cruelty-free?
Our eyelashes are cruelty-free. During the hair removal season of mink raised artificially, we began to collect a lot of hair that naturally fell off from the tail of the mink.
mink eyelash vendors
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5. What Is The Price Range For Each Pair Of Mink Lashes Wholesale?

Please contact us👉👉👉WhatsApp:+8615303459503 for specific lashes price based on specific style.
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wholesale eyelash vendors

6.Do you customize eyelash packaging ?

Yes, we do. Our designer can help you to do your own packaging.

eyelash packaging

custom eyelash packaging

7.Can You Special Customize Privately eyelash packaging?

Yes, we do. We have professional production plants and designers, which can meet different market needs.

special custom eyelash packaging

8. How Do You Ship The Goods And How Long Does It Take To Arrive?

We usually ship by  FedEx. It usually takes 3-5 workdays to arrive.

We use FEDEX international high-quality VIP transportation. We package the beautiful eyelashes and eyelashes that have been produced, carefully pack them to avoid violent transportation during transportation, and check and check over and over again to ensure that every customer can be accurate Receive your favorite order without error. Then it is delivered to every customer by fedex. 

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international tracking delivery

Eyelash Customers Reviews & Feedbacks(excellent!!🥳🥳)

Do you buy back customers because you are satisfied with the quality of the goods you receive? It is often seen on Mamonde eyelashes. Sometimes the same product will be ordered again, and sometimes other styles will be ordered specifically. They were able to order again, indicating that the 3D Mink Eyelashes are very beautiful and popular, so the seller hurriedly ordered again to replenish the inventory. What do you think?

From beginning to end we always deliver the great quality lashes to our customers with strict examination.So there is no need to worry when you bought our Mamonde Mink Lashes and we are with strong willing to cooperate with you for long term. CLICK HERE,You can see 👉👉👉More Customers Reviews & Feedbacks (Excellent!!)

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Reviewing From Customers

We have thousands of users, find us through various social platforms every day, and cooperate with us to buy fashionable and affordable eyelashes from us. We use quality to prove that we are the best mink eyelash supplier, we use customer feedback to silently become the mainstay in the market, and always prove to our customers that we can be trusted.

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Customers’ Feedback

How To Order Eyelash & Lashes Packaging Boxes From Us

♥️ We have professional consultants to help you and answer the questions you encountered during the selection process, and then we will confirm the order with each other.

♥️ After confirming the order, we hope you can pay, our payment method is Paypal or Alibaba.
♥️ After we receive your payment, we will arrange for the production of your orders and will notify you when they are completed.
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25mm Lashes
♥️ We will deliver the boxes in good condition to you by express delivery Fedex, we will tell you the international tracking number and please sign in time.
♥️ If you have any questions about mink lashes, you can contact our after-sales service team at any time, we will answer you 24 hours
♥️ If you still have any questions, please contact our email or WhatsApp+8615303459503 .

custom eyelash packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

How To Create Own Lash Brand?

🦋Firstly you need know which Mink eyelashes styles your customers like and what is price that they can accept. 

🦋If you found us,You are So Luckly!!! Because our company has more than ten years of experience in eyelashes sales and can FREE help you design own logo!!!

🦋You can promote Your Own Lash Line. You can use your social software, such as INS, YouTube, pinterest, Facebook, and etc.

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 Factory & Office

Mamonde Eyelash Vendors have more than 800 staffs in the eyelash vendor company, the only complete production system in Qingdao area, plant area over 12,000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 30 million pair lashes, is the top export factories among industries , and through inspection WCA of the United States, ISO9000 certification, is the only standard 3D mink lashes factory.

How To Contact With  Us

WATSApp : +8615303459503

Click Here To Ddd Our WhatApp Send Message To Us!!!

If You Have Probem Please Send Message To Us Below:


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